Poetry & Prose

I have no form now…

I stand in front of my large mirror, but I do not see myself.  I see the surroundings reflect in the mirror but not my body. I am wearing my favorite pale blue dress; and my silver strappy sandals but I cannot see my own vision. I am wearing my round spectacles, but I suppose… Continue Reading →

Silly signs…

The signs were distinct, playfully teased my instinct.But I was bitten and shy,I knew better, I did. That cuckoos coo, even when the spring is far ahead. The crows caw on the window, but no one might visit your shed.

Who gave pain a bad name?

Who gave Pain a bad name? Reputation of a bad boy everyone warned you about. Nobody wants to hang out with him; for it’s not the roses he brings, but thorns. And when you bleed and cry, he calls you weak, mocking you. He is nobody’s friend, but loves company. He gets off on your… Continue Reading →

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