Who gave pain a bad name?

Who gave Pain a bad name? Reputation of a bad boy everyone warned you about. Nobody wants to hang out with him; for it’s not the roses he brings, but thorns.

And when you bleed and cry, he calls you weak, mocking you.

He is nobody’s friend, but loves company.

He gets off on your tears, the sadist.

But have you had conversations with him? He is good company. He speaks wise words, especially over an evening of drinks. He makes me dance to his tunes, and I don’t mind really. Late into the night, we make wild love, and as I lay there all spent, he looks at me with doting eyes. He smiles at me and says more wise words. He tells me fine things, different from the blabbering stories, made up by drunk boys, who cannot handle their drinks. Pain handles his drinks like a man. He is even wiser with a few pegs down.

But just when I am beginning to get used to his presence, he gets dressed and starts to leave. I can’t stay with you forever, he says. But I’d like to visit every now and then, you know, I like you, he shrugs. I love you too, I say before I doze off.

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